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Natural gas as a whole is a clean burning, safe and affordable energy source when it comes to operating appliances and heating your homes. However, a slow natural gas leak can cause damage to your home, resulting in health hazards or worse. Fahrenheit Mechanical Systems specializes in natural gas leak repairs and offers  24 hour emergency service to meet your needs. We have a proven track record with a 100% satisfaction rate of finding and repairing even the smallest of gas leaks. When it comes to the safety of your home, call our professionals at 615-371-8887.

Who is responsible for gas line repairs and gas leaks?

Your local gas company is only responsible for maintaining the gas lines up to your meter. The home or property owner is responsible for maintaining all gas lines carrying natural gas from the meter to the inside of you home.

We recommend having your gas lines inspected periodically by a licensed professional to help identify and repair any corrosion and/or leaks that could cause unsafe conditions.

What are the Signs of a Gas Leak in Your Home?


  • Dead or dying vegetation near gas pipelines
  • Water or dirt being blown into the air caused by gas escaping
  • A damaged connection to your gas appliances
  • Exposed gas pipe after a natural disaster such as hurricane, tornado, flood, fire, earthquakes, etc.


  • The smell of sulfur or rotten eggs in your home


  • Listen for a hissing or roaring sound coming from areas near the natural gas line


What to do if you Have a Gas Leak?


If you suspect a gas leak or smell gas in your home, it is important to:

  • Leave your home immediately and call your gas company to investigate the problem.
  • Do Not use any electrical devices such as light switches, telephone including cell phone as it could cause a spark
  • Do Not start any engines as it could cause a spark and ignite the gas leak
  • Do Not smoke, use lighters, matches, or use an open flame of any kind.
  • Do Not attempt to find or repair the gas leak yourself. Call an experienced professional to find the source of the gas leak and make the necessary repairs.


How to Prevent Gas Leaks


  • Inspect Gas Lines Regularly. Visually inspect all of your gas lines and look for corrosion and breakage. These are the signs that you have a gas leak or could have a leak in the near future. Contact us if you notice anything that does not look right. Our technicians will provide their expert opinion on the health of your gas lines.
  • Only Hire a Licensed Professional. Our technicians are frequently fix work that was done improperly the first time. Do not choose a contractor based on price alone; consider value and experience when it comes to your home’s safety. Only a licensed contractor should test and perform installation of new gas lines.
  • Call 811 Before Digging. Calling a professional before digging can save you from unnecessary accidents or repairs. Read the article “When to Call” here for more information.


When should you repair or replace your gas line?


Gas lines naturally show signs of wear and corrosion over time. Noticeable fractures, twisted or dented lining as well as less gas being generated can all be signs of a leak. Regular inspections of your lines are recommended. Early detections and prevent significant damage or health problems. Any time a gas leak occurs, you should consider having repairs performed on the line.


Gas Leak Repairs and Gas Line Installations


If you smell gas or your local gas company has turned off the gas to your home, call Fahrenheit Mechanical Systems at 615-371-8887. We will get a technician out to your home or business quickly to assess the gas problem. Our gas leak specialists have extensive training and experience when it comes to gas line installations and repairs on your heating systems and gas appliances.


Schedule your appointment with us to locate and solve gas-piping problems by calling us today at 615-371-8887 or filling out our online form.