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Warmth vs. Savings

What’s more important to you: ensuring your home or office is comfortable and warm, or saving money? What if we told you that you didn’t have to choose? With regular heating maintenance by Fahrenheit Heating Systems, that can be your reality. Regular heating maintenance ensures your heating system is operating at peak performance and efficiency for as long as possible. Of course, that sounds great. But you may still be wondering how that saves you money. Let’s count the ways:


Regular Heating Maintenance Saves Money

  1. Adds years to the life of your heating system
  2. Peak system operating efficiency means lower heating costs
  3. Regular maintenance prevents costly “down the road” repairs
  4. Fewer heating repair service visits are necessary
  5. Smaller heating repair issues mean smaller repair bills


Gas Furnace InstallationTwo More Advantages

Want to know another great advantage of having preventative heating maintenance performed by a professional heating technician? Your HVAC tech will keep you informed about the condition of your system as it ages. This information is crucial to helping you sidestep the frustration and inconvenience of a major heating repair crisis. In addition, these updates allow you to have a more realistic gauge of how much more time you can reasonably expect your heating system to function. That gives you ample time to budget your system replacement costs, and ideally, avoid paying financing fees when replacement time finally comes.


What is Preventative Heating Maintenance?

It is a comprehensive inspection that checks the safety, performance and efficiency of operation within every component of your heating system. It can also include basic services such as cleaning internal and external components, and changing filters. A professional HVAC tech knows which parts in these components are likely to be showing signs of wear and need replacement at various ages in the life of your heating system. Replacing these worn parts before they cause your system to malfunction is another major benefit of regular heating maintenance.


Planned Maintenance

At Fahrenheit Mechanical Systems, we pride ourselves on providing the highest quality heating maintenance services, tailored to the unique needs of your system. Ready to help your heating system live the longest, most efficient life possible? Fahrenheit offers money-saving Planned Maintenance programs for commercial and residential systems. Our Planned Maintenance program members receive special perks like priority service, no overtime charges for emergency repairs including weekends and holidays, and discounts on all service repairs, on accessories, and toward the purchase of replacement system.


Contact Fahrenheit Mechanical Systems

Remember, when you need commercial or residential heating maintenance services you can count on, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, call Fahrenheit Mechanical Systems at (615) 371-8887. If you prefer, email our service department at We look forward to serving you!


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