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Time for Your Fall Furnace Checkup.



How do you ensure your furnace will be as reliable throughout his cold weather season as it was last year? Good question. Sounds like it’s time to schedule your fall furnace checkup! While you want to be sure to call a professional, licensed HVAC technician for a comprehensive tune-up, there are a number of tasks you can perform yourself if you’re feeling inspired. If not, no problem. Just leave it to us, and we’ll happily give your furnace the white glove treatment  Here’s our condensed 10-pt checklist for all of you who are eager to get ready. Enjoy!



1)  CHANGE Air Filter

1X/Month During Winter

2)  CHECK Color of Burner Flames

Blue = Good / Yellow = Trouble

3)  CHECK Drive Belt for Wear

Rips & Tears = Replace

4) CLEAN Residue from Sensor

Cracks and tears = replace.

5)  CLEAN Residue from Sensor

Emory board works great!

6)  REMOVE DUST from Pilot Using a Straw

After turning off power to unit

7)  REMOVE DUST from Surface Ignitors Using Straw

Avoid damaging igniters

8)  VACUUM Around the Burners

Use Attachment

9)  VACUUM Blower Compartment Beneath Blower Door

10) REMOVE Blower and Clean

Hold, Remove Bolts, Clean Blades, Careful with Wiring & Weights



Schedule your fall furnace checkup today!

At Fahrenheit Mechanical Systems, we specialize in Commercial and Residential HVAC installations and service. Our professional technicians can perform a thorough furnace assessment, and provide any service needed to boost your unit to peak efficiency and performance. Remember, 24/7 emergency service is always available, and we even offer financing. Is your Nashville furnace in need of a tune-up? Don’t delay. Call Fahrenheit Mechanical Systems today at (615) 241-0594. We look forward to hearing from you!



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